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Dubstep track - Abel Matic

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Topic: Dubstep track - Abel Matic
Posted By: Abel Matic
Subject: Dubstep track - Abel Matic
Date Posted: 20 Oct 2012 at 4:11pm
Hi everyone...

this is a new dubstep track i am working on...would like to get some feedback, am not really shure about the last part...but anyhow, have a listnen please :-)" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 20 Oct 2012 at 4:46pm
hi abel.... Smile

 not sure what works and doesn't for dubstep... but its definitely quirky and kept me listening all the way through...
nice intro & build....
And im not sure what you dont like about the end section !!!! It was a refreshing sound.... a nice cohesion to everything leading up to it and works well in my opinion

not sure on arrangements... but i think the end section would work well in the middle somewhere as the beginning is just plodding along then frantic at the end... or do you plan to extend the track further???

By the way what software are you working in??

PeaceYing Yang

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 20 Oct 2012 at 5:31pm
Hi Morgan,
thanks for the feedback..when i did the cartest i also thought the end is ok, just some sub is lacking.
I definatly am gonna extend some more,just t make a suiting end to it...
i use reason 6 as software :-)

Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 20 Oct 2012 at 5:53pm
the car test eh.... some crazy overtaking & flying through red lights Smile ya know it good when that happens....

Yeah I definitely think you should extend it and bring it to some sort of a conclusion.... the reason why i thought the end would sound well in the middle of what you have so far....

keep updating us with what you doing.... top work so far

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2012 at 2:16pm
Indeed..that is the cartest! Though i try not to fly through them red lights...i still boost that shizzle to the max and check if i get goosebums ;-)

I will do my thing man, you can expect something this week...thanks for the support!

Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2012 at 2:18pm
sweet.... will look forward to hearing you doing your thingThumbs Up

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2012 at 4:23pm
some improvements maybe..." rel="nofollow -

check it out...


Posted By: RobJones
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2012 at 12:56pm
Hey Kris,

Liking the track! Sounding fat! Even on Mac laptop speakers, which is always a good sign!

Great arrangement too! Some really nice builds!

If you were looking to improve the mix, I would work slightly on the overall clarity. The mix sounds quite big and well processed, but lots of reverb and chorus can also lead to a washier sound. It's always difficult getting the balance right, so you still have tight, punchy sounds, whilst also creating width and depth. Do you use send effects much, or mainly inserts?



Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2012 at 1:20pm
Hi Rob,

thanks for the insight...i took it down to 128kbps so that is probably way to low...ii use mainly insert effects so i get your point...i will start working on my upper frequencies to get the clarity goin' on..
i 'll keep u guys posted!
So no lower than 320 kbps i guess...;-)


Posted By: RobJones
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2012 at 2:13pm
320 is the best rate to go with, but a good mix should still sound okay at lower rates. The lower you go, the worse the top end will get though!


Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2012 at 4:10pm
Have done some wrenching...take 3! Many hidden sounds came back in..." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 24 Oct 2012 at 3:40pm
Now i should stop cause one can keep on doing stuff but...i think i 'm about happy with it..." rel="nofollow -

Cheers everyone!

Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 25 Oct 2012 at 10:42pm
yeah mate... its sounding well....

After listening to this a few times..... there is a section that my ear is wanting hear more through your build from 2.24 then stops at 2.35...

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 26 Oct 2012 at 7:54am
Hmm...interesting...i 'll check it out!

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 26 Oct 2012 at 10:06am" rel="nofollow -

is this about what u mean homes? I think u 're right :-)

Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 26 Oct 2012 at 1:40pm
not sure what you did to change it now ... sorry... but listening to it again it sounds okay...

so is this track done now? whats your next project ? 

Posted By: RobJones
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2012 at 1:19pm
mix is sounding much better! good work!

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2012 at 8:48pm
Thanks Rob..

i 've been busy on a remix the last couple of days...something totaly different...i just submitted my entry on it out guys ;-)" rel="nofollow -

Am curious what u think!


Posted By: morganlefaye
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2012 at 8:58pm

this Matisyahu is becoming a bit of a night mare for me....I have been commenting all week in" rel="nofollow - THE SUNDAY POST .. you have a rival competitor Mr Eli 

 I hate the original with a passion ... so I think i realise now... i cannot be constructive...

but i wish you the best of luck

Posted By: Abel Matic
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2012 at 9:01pm
hahaha...yeah it is everywhere :-) The original one is indeed a very boring one but i just used the acapella and made a reggaeton version out of was way too slow!
But i can imagine that u're sick of it by now...

peace bro

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